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Crusaders of Lornia is an action packed trading card game which combines an adventurous fantasy realm of dragons, warlocks, goblins and more with a futuristic world caught in an intergalactic war.

With Crusaders of Lornia, you’ll build a deck to pit Lifeforms against each other in a futuristic, fantasy galaxy. You’ll use military tactics to aid yourself or destroy your opponent with tactical cards that are implemented in the game.


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A little bit about the game:

Watch our game play video below!

In order to play, all you need is a deck, an opponent, and a flat surface to play the cards on.Infeckterz

You’ll each begin with 10 Resource cards. These act as your life. When your opponent assaults you directly, you lose a resource card. When you run out of resources—game over.

Resource cards also have certain abilities associated with them. So just like in real life, you can burn your own resources to utilize those abilities to try and take advantage of the battle. Use them wisely though, because if you run out, you’ll lose the game.

You also use Fuel In order to deploy lifeforms, initiate tactical cards, and pay for other costs in the game.  Your basic Fuel is renewable and renewed at the beginning of every turn, but some Fuel is non-renewable, giving you special abilities which go away after you use them.

To learn how to play, view our instruction manual below, or go to our Rules Page to view the instruction manual along with detailed rule book for how to play the game with advanced mechanics and rulings.

 Instruction Manual website

You’ll also be able to follow our crusaders on their journey across Lornia, in search of the Eternal Relic Fragments, in our original, full color, comic book. Click the cover below see the preview!

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